The Unrevealed Secret & Untold Story About the ‘DISCOUNTS’

Seems you are confused about the topic name, right??

Um, yeah! The only word that attracts so many of us to purchase a product is ‘Discounts’, isn’t it? The word perfectly influences to all of us even there is no need of the product in our daily use. But we plan to purchase it for our further use. I know you might have thought of it at least once how do the brand or the store provides us the discount over the main price? Do they prefer any loss of the product? Or they want them to get sold out fast? So many queries confuse our mindsets whether to purchase the product or not. The fact is that, there are some hidden secrets behind the discounts they offer you.

Similarly, there are even more unrevealed or untold stories of discounts you aren’t aware of! Online shopping is one of them, which has got many more discounts offered to the visitors on an E-commerce portal. Have you ever thought of how do these people provide you the deals including their profit over the same? Now, there might be so many doubts arising in your mind, am I right?

I would like to let you know the truth behind the unrevealed secret and the untold story about discounts. Below are the few tag lines that influences you to an unnecessary purchase.


Right from the tag line you as you hear it or go through the lines you feel seduced, and it helps in increase in the rush of joy to your mind and physical assessment of your body. You do feel like at least I should see what the sale is?

We do adore your feelings on the same, but however, if you trace back the price history of the product you will probably come to know if it is actually on a discounted price or just selling the product for the its actual price by adding the discounted amount over the same. You could probably be smart there as you can check the price online and even trace the pricing history as some of  the website provides to trace the pricing history of a particular product you are looking to purchase online.


The most awaited offer or mostly this offer attracts as many of them with the smart influence of showing the greed to many of the visitors. The products you get in such an offer are off the trend and are offered for free. But the untold or unrevealed truth about this offer is that you are buying the two or the three things for only 20% deduction in the actual price tag. We would challenge you that you didn’t know this secret behind the offer.

We believe that offers are not the offers unless they have a meaningful transparency by providing the comparison and track to trace the price history. So be aware while you choose such offer.


Looking forward to this deal, you could think the best time to shop for the great deal to your loved ones and avail extra discount this ending season is what you could be in a big worry after knowing the unrevealed secret behind this offer.

You will face such a sale, but in fact it’s not a sale with the discount. All you do need to know is the merchandise’s original price of the product. If you think the price is not even below the 30%, then there no any great deal there. So be careful about the price tags always.

There’s always a reason to shop for, but comparison is the best and smart way of shopping. According to us, a worthy shopping would be comparing the prices online; so the best way to compare the prices and features of the product is the smart way of being a smart shopper. allows you the 3C’s in your hands Check, Compare and Choose before you buy providing additional discounts, offers and cash back to your wallets. An easy, convenient and fast way of shopping online with a worthy deal.